Second Thoughts

Hi guys. Oh dear, oh dear. So I was looking for an HTC One X on the eBay, since HTC are my new favourite phone make and they never failed me with the Nexus One and earlier G1, unlike Samsung. And I like the build quality, and some other stuff. So basically, an HTC One X for me. I’m leaving for university on Friday, and therefore on Sunday evening, even though I hadn’t sold my Galaxy Nexus yet, I wanted to get one sent out to me as soon as possible.

I put a generous bid, £265, on a used but apparantly as new One X. But the reserve was not met. I contacted the seller later. After a trustrating negotiation, we settled on £265 (as well as £8.75 for delivery, which wasn’t next day Royal Mail bazaarly, which would cost the same, but 2-day Parcelforce). I paid it via Paypal, and was on Monday given a tracking number.

So far so good. But the tracking status tells me no parcel has been collected, even today, Tuesday, when the seller told me he would send it yesterday. If tomorrow I receive the parcel, then I can happily blame Parcelforce for their incorrect tracking. But if I don’t receive it, I will have to take other measures, such as Paypal’s Resolution Center, which I am not convinced I should rely on for my money. And, I didn’t mention, the seller hasn’t replied to 3 communications I have sent between yesterday and today, as of writing.

So, it doesn’t sound like I’ll be getting my One X before leaving for uni. I’ve got a Blackberry I’ve borrowed from father, so I can wait until I get this problem sorted, or at least get my phone sold, before I see my One X. Which isn’t a terrible situation, since it gives time for prices to fall. But an over-confidence in a happy ending is apparent. Whether I will take a risk like this again will probably depend on if Paypal will indeed be able to help me, but I will almost certainly ensure the seller have more seller feedback (this one had over 50 buyer feedback which was all positive, but no seller feedback).

I slightly got carried away in the negotiation, and although I may have had in mind the desire to get the phone quickly, I didn’t check the prices similar phones, specifically locked ones, were going for, which was more like £240. And I needed to unlock it, when the next day a couple of unlocked models went for £260 and £270 (with next-day delivery I think). But I didn’t think much at all of the inherent risk of the transaction, especially considering the large amount of money at risk. I didn’t even know that Paypal could help resolve disputes, since I remember a year or so ago hearing on the news an outrage at this specific lask of protection (I presume the resolution procedure has been introduced since then), which made it even more risky from my perspective.

Oh well. I managed to choose my modules for my first year at uni, which I had been worrying about. Always look on the bright side of life.