Summer is coming to an end and I’ll soon be back in Durham. And I can’t remember the last time I made a post on this site. The truth is, my failure to adequately maintain this site is just another example of everything I do- I just don’t have the self-motivation to do anything which requires work unless forced. Maybe the important thing is that  I don’t give up, who knows, so this new post is evidence to YOU that I’m still here. If I do find some motivation to do something in the next few weeks, it probably won’t be for this site, since there are a few other things I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while.

Anyhow, I just recently did resits of my first year university exams, three of them to be precise (which is half of all the ones I did), and they went, well, as best as they possibly could have went I suppose, given my last of adequate preparation as always. I feel a lot better to have them over, and yet still feel somewhat….stressed. I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s because I’m not doing anything. Maybe this stress is here to tell  me to do something productive with my summer holiday.

I’m reading a few books- ever since I got an e-reader (my first was a Sony, and I now have a Kindle Paperwhite, which I highly recommend, by the way, even though the backlight does run down the battery)- I’ve read multiple books ‘simultaneously’. Which is ironic, since I probably read at a slower rate than the majority of the reading population. Currently I’m reading, among others,  a book called ‘Self Help’ by a British author called Edward Docx, and I really like it. It is significant to me in the fact that it is one of the first modern novels not written for teenagers, that I have ever read, and more importantly, enjoy immensely. Because I think pictures are beneficial to the online experience, here’s the cover of said book.