I sold my phone, so I’m a bit happier now (though I had to reduce it to the bargain-basement price of £260 to do so).

I’ve been on the lookout for a news magazine which I could regularly read. Why a news magazine, you say? Well I’ve always found newspapers a bit rubbish if you want proper analysis of news events, and most papers are rather biased one way or another anyhow. I would prefer read substantial articles that cover single topics, than lots of small reports and the odd ‘opinion’ piece.  And a paper goes out of date pretty quickly.

I bought an issue of Prospect magazine, which I don’t think I had heard of until recently. Unfortunately I’ve been busy and preoccupied so have only read a couple of articles, but it looks promising. Plus, it’s monthly, which just about gives me time to read it (though judging by my Empire subscription, I would have to put a bit of effort into getting it read).

It covers a really rather large range of stuff, current affairs  politics, arts, science and everything, and so far as I can see has something of an international approach, though not as much as The Economist for example.

Well see how it goes.

EDIT: It’s also a nice size, which is important, and has a spine.